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The Waldschlössle in Fellbach is a popular day trip destination and meeting place for family celebrations, and is currently undergoing renovation work.

It was always a popular day trip destination and meeting place for family celebrations, and also served as group accommodation for residential countryside summer camps organised by the local parish – the Fellbach Waldschlössle on Kappelberg hill. The building and grounds, which the city bought off the parish, are currently being renovated.

In late 2019, the city and the local parish agreed the sale of the land, which measures 12,400 square metres. Due to Covid, the finalisation of the agreement was then slightly delayed; however, the various renovation works have been ongoing since October 2020. By now, the construction works are visible on the outside for everyone to see: Various roof repairs, the installation of a new heating system, landscaping measures in the grounds as well as much else highlight the progress of the building's renovation.

"The first event the building will be put to use for after the renovations are completed will be the residential summer camp," promised Gabriele Zull. Many of the local citizens still recall "conquering the Kappelberg" themselves in the summer holidays, or remember their children and grandchildren doing so. The grounds, which extend over around 12,400 square metres, have always been a popular day trip destination and event venue for family celebrations. "We are now lacking such a venue," explained Jens Mohrmann, CEO of Fellbach Event & Location GmbH. The Large Hall in the Waldschlössle can hold up to 200 guests – "an ideal size for family celebrations and smaller corporate events," says Mohrmann.

Renovation works

"We are doing what is necessary," stated Fellbach Event & Location GmbH authorised representative Andreas Dietmann, who is project managing the renovation. Specifically, this means that the complex will largely retain its appearance, but that the technology will be brought up to date. We intend to use the venue for various different purposes: Besides providing the accommodation for the residential summer camp, the Waldschlössle will hopefully once again become a firm favourite for private functions and corporate events, and offer excellent hospitality. In addition, the forest kindergarten run by the local parish is getting a second group, and therefore needs a second sheltered area. All of the different uses will take place in separate buildings. "Of course, it will also be possible to book the restaurant and the venue together, but they do not have to be booked together," said Jens Mohrmann, outlining the concept. People who book the event venues can choose their preferred catering company themselves.

The construction works on and inside the Waldschlössle began in October 2020. The Large Hall was given a new roof, including insulation, and new serving kitchen for the catering, and in part new windows. The new ceiling will also be a lighter colour, although the exposed wooden beams will lose none of their charm. "This long-established hall has always been popular with the people of Fellbach," said Andreas Dietmann. New future additions are a lift that will run from the restaurant kitchen and the side rooms all the way to the Large Hall, and will also be able to stop at the Small Hall. "This makes sense with regard to people with impaired mobility, and also be useful for the commercial catering as well as the catering during the residential summer camp," according to Dietmann. The hall extension will therefore be largely wheelchair accessible. The toilets and bathroom facilities will be completely refurbished, and an accessible toilet will be added.

We will make sure that we retain as much as possible of the charm of the original Waldschlössle grounds.Jens Mohrmann, CEO Fellbach Event & Location GmbH

The existing equipment in the previous restaurant kitchen have already been upgraded. The plan is to initially get the kitchen ready, and to then complete the design together with the future tenant. Who will ultimately take over the hospitality services at the Waldschlössle has not been decided yet.

The two upper floors of the historic building are reserved as a sheltered area for the second forest kindergarten group, and will accordingly be refurbished and extended with side rooms and the necessary emergency routes. In addition, it has been agreed that the church will be able to use the rear outdoor area for its residential summer camp, the forest kindergarten and can also be used by other interested groups and associations with a focus on "nature education/outdoor exercises".


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