Brand identity

More than just hall hire – four venues, one promise.

Umbrella Brand

Fellbach Event & Location GmbH

In future, this name will stand for the variety offered by our four event venues – Schwabenlandhalle, Alte Kelter, Festhalle Schmiden and Waldschlössle – now under one umbrella brand. It references the common location and the affiliation with its parent company, the city of Fellbach. The "event" in the name indicates the potential in-person, hybrid and virtual event formats that can be planned and realised at these venues.

Characteristic brand logo

Fresh colours, new look

During the design of the logo, the red was adopted as a brand colour to highlight the link with Fellbach. The assignment of an additional decorative colour emphasises the uniqueness of each event venue, but also the fact that they form a well-matched ensemble.

The circular movement indicated by the signet invites people to immerse themselves in the brand world and to explore the venues. The circle is repeatedly used as a visualisation element. It represents the comprehensive, full in-house services – across all of the locations.

Clear Brand promise

We're making a stand

As different as our venues are, when it comes to the quality and level of service, they share the same signature style. Each enquiry has its own individual character; each venue its own key focus and strengths. That is why we listen carefully when it comes to your specific ideas and requirements. We are aware of the latest developments and offer you optimum conditions for the perfect realisation of new formats and techniques in professional, spatial and technical terms.

Memorable brand name

The name the company will be known by shows that we care

As an acronym and therefore the name the company will be known by, "feel" forms the bridge to the emotional level, because wherever people meet, talk to each other, experience culture or acquire new knowledge, the "feel" of the place plays an important role.

feel.the service
feel.the progress
feel.the quality

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Guntram-Palm-Platz 1

70734 Fellbach


Festhalle Schmiden

Hofäckerstraße 2

70736 Fellbach


Alte Kelter

Untertürkheimer Str. 33

70734 Fellbach



Auf dem Kappelberg 2

70734 Fellbach


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